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Сонгогчийн ном Англи хэлээр



The General Election Commission (GEC) of Mongolia is working to increase voter’s awareness through providing information and knowledge to voters regarding the electoral process in accordance with the electoral timeline. The “Voter's Book” developed by GEC is intended to amplify our effort to contribute to voter’s exercising their right to elect and to be elected.

This book highlights the right to elect and to be elected, ensure understanding of elections and its significance, provide valuable information on who is a candidate, the automatic election system, how to familiarize yourself with agendas and make informed decision and other relevant information that are imperative to voters.  Also, from the ‘Voter’s book’ readers are able to obtain answers to uncertain questions that they have. 

            The State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia has re-enacted the Law on Presidential Elections, the Law on Parliamentary Elections, and the Law on elections of the Citizens 'Representatives' Khural of the Aimag, Capital City, Soum, and District Elections which not only enhanced the   specifications to ensure voters rights but also legally improved the election process based on prior election experience. The ‘Voter’s book’ also aimed to provide voters with relevant rules, regulations, procedures, guidelines and recommendations as by the enhanced laws and policies. 

As by the research conducted by the Press institute of Mongolia states the voters’ right to obtain factual information is being violated in some levels during election period and dissemination fake news has increased over the years.  Therefore, the ‘Voter’s book’ offers significant information on differentiating fake news, identify factual news, filter this information, how to assess candidates’ agendas and evaluate if it is feasible, determine if election campaigns are conducted by legal frames, how to make your decision and other pertinent information that all voters should be aware. 

Voters are also able to receive procedural information regarding how to check your and your family’s name in the voter’s registration list, how to petition regarding voters’ registration, how to cast your vote on a ballot paper, ensuring equal and assessable environment to disabled voters and casting your vote in polling stations and through sealed mobile ballot boxes.

Conducting the Presidential election 2021 presents us with numerous challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic which requires further responsibility and management. Therefore, it requires us to emphasize on determining the infection risks and focus on developing prevention strategy, recommendations, standards and norms. As there are many successful elections are being held all over the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, and as such, the GEC is stiving to conduct a successful election during the pentadic with solid cooperation with all level election institutes, health authority, police, national emergency management authority and specialized agencies as well as thousands of officials. 

The General Election Commission (GEC) appeal to all eligible voters to engage in the Presidential election 2021 with informed decision, exercise your given right to vote and actively participate in the election to elect our Head of State.  






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